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ICON Technologies has extensive experience integrating applications that include 1D, 2D and 3D scanning lasers from Micro-Epsilon, Sick, and other manufacturers.  Laser sensors have broad application in process monitoring and optimization, quality control, remote position measurement, collision prevention, security, classification and sorting of products, and the measurement and verification of bulk material volumes.

For the most demanding applications we recommend the Micro-Epsilon product range for precise, reliable measurements under a wide range of background light conditions.  ICON Technologies is a Bestech Preferred Integrator of Micro-Epsilon solutions in Australia/NZ.

Delivering Laser-Based Solutions into Hostile Environments

Laser profile scanning applications often require a high level of local data processing, and have traditionally been implemented within a PC-based network, which can limit their applicability in harsh industrial environments.  ICON Technologies expertise with rugged Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) allows us to deploy advanced laser scanning applications into the most PC-hostile environments.