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ICON Technologies has significant experience developing power quality monitoring systems that address the needs of commercial scale electrical power laboratories, island grids, isolated systems, and networks with mixed renewable and conventional power nodes. Examples include:

Our PQM solutions are based around the ICONTech Grid Measurement System (GMS), a software-configurable multi-purpose device for capturing and distributing rich power quality measurement data from substations and other grid assets. We can currently supply it with a Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) configuration, or a Phase Measurement Unit (PMU) configuration. Both configurations include a full-fledged Digital Fault Recorder (DFR).

For teaching laboratories we offer the ICONTech GMS Lite, a scaled back system that offers a subset of the ICONTech GMS functionality at a reduced price for academic institutions.


Distributed PQM Networks

Multiple ICONTech GMS nodes deployed on local area networks, wide-area networks, and on isolated remote sites can be managed as a single tightly integrated PQM network. The integrated software offers:

  • Remote software updates with fail-safe rollback
  • Remote configuration of all PQA parameters
  • Remote configuration of event triggers and waveform recorder parameters
  • Real-time dashboard to display PQA measurements
  • Centralised storage of PQA measurements and raw waveforms
  • (Optional) Integration with the National Instruments SystemLink/TDM Module for tightly coupled data management, analysis and reporting


ICONTech GMS networks can also incorporate anclillary data acquisition and control nodes for significant non-PQM functions at any site. Applications might include:

  • Monitoring the operating conditions and performance of a backup diesal genset at an off-grid site.
  • Monitoring the mechanical condition and dynamic response of turbine blades at a windfarm.


Turn Raw PQM Data into Usable Information Fast

Data management chain

The National Instruments SystemLink/TDM Module adds a tightly integrated data management, analysis and reporting option to a ICONTech GMS network. PQM and raw waveform data from all nodes can be optionally pre-processed before it is indexed and stored in a permanent data archive. Archived data can be triggered to automatically execute pre-defined analysis routines and reports. The data archive can import and export data in multiple formats including COMTRADE.


Linking Grid Simulation with Power Quality Measurement in Real-Time

ICON Technologies partners with ECADtools to design, deploy, and support smart power electrical systems that combine our ICONTech GMS PQA/PMU measurement devices with real-time grid simulation tools from OPAL-RT. Improve the utility and reliability of grid simulation by linking inputs directly to rich real-time power quality measurement data. Use fast-response, real-time simulation to predict and manage grid events as they unfold.