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ICON Technologies has been helping customers to capture and analyse critical process data for over 27 years.  Ready-to-run, fully configured data logging solutions based on industry-leading hardware from National Instruments and dataTaker.

We can supply user-configurable, “out-of-the-box” data loggers that are ready to run, with no programming required.  Quick to get started – just activate the supplied software from your PC or laptop, configure your signal channels in a few simple steps, and start recording.


Measure Anything, Log Everything

For larger scale jobs, with more challenging signal mixes, and critical data management and analysis requirements, we can custom integrate a data logger solution to your specific requirements.  Any mix of signals, any number of channels, and any logging rate:

  • From one to many hundreds of analog and digital channels
  • Sample rates from less than 1 Sa/min/ch to more than 10 MSa/s/ch
  • In-built signal conditioning to suit all sensor types
  • On-board data storage up to several TB
  • Flexible data formats, from standard text files to custom binary file formats
  • Connectivity to wired & wireless networks, and to USB peripheral devices
  • User-friendly interfaces for configuration, diagnostics, and real-time data monitoring
  • Suited to unattended 24/7 deployment in harsh environments
  • Remote system configuration and data retrieval
  • Fully-programmable for in-line data analysis and local decision making
  • Integrated IO for analog and digital control where required

Whatever your data logging challenge, ICON Technologies can meet it!


Challenging Measurements

We can help you with challenging measurements.  The challenge may be in the use of new or unfamiliar sensor technologies, in the nature of the measurement itself, or in restricted access to the point of measurement.

Some of the sensor technologies that we have used include:

  • Vibrating wire sensors;
  • Optical fibre (FBG) sensors;
  • Laser scanners for range-finding and 2D/3D profiling; and
  • Infrared and visible cameras for visual inspection.


Extracting Maximum Value from your Logged Data

Advances in data logging technology have enabled the capture of complex data in greater volumes than ever before.  But approaches to analysing these exponentially increasing volumes of data have remained largely unchanged.  Most users are historically tied to capturing data as a collection of spreadsheet-readable flat files that are analysed file-by-file using MS Excel, or a similar tool.

ICON Technologies can supply your Data Logging solution with a modern, fully-integrated off-line data management option that significantly outperforms the traditional Excel spreadsheet approach for larger files and complex datasets.  If you are thinking CSV files and Excel, just because that is the way you have always done it, talk to us to discuss a better way for Integrated Data Management.

Of course, if you still prefer to work with CSV files and Excel after you have looked at the alternatives, we will be happy to oblige!