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A subsidiary of Luna Innovations, Micron Optics is a pioneer of fibre optic measurement technology, and supplies arguably the widest range of interrogators, sensors and accessories in the industry. ICON Technologies is an authorised integrator for Micron Optics, and provides local sales and support services for Micron Optics products in Australia and New Zealand.


The si255 HYPERION Interrogator

The Micron Optics si255 is an industrial grade fanless optical sensing interrogator that supports FBG, long period FBG, and Fabry Perot (FP) sensors, and is available in high-resolution, standard speed (1,000 Hz), and high-speed (5,000 Hz) models. Each model supports 4, 8, or 16 independent parallel measurement channels, with 160 nm channel bandwidth for the high resolution and standard speed models, and 80 nm channel bandwidth for the high-speed model.


si255 HYPERION Interrogator


The Widest Range of Sensors

Micron Optics offers temperature, strain and displacement sensors for every application.

Micron Optics