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Moving machinery, as well as static structures, benefit from live, ongoing monitoring. Live data lets you verify functionality, identify damage, and predict your assets’ health and performance into the future. Having insight into your assets’ health will enable you to optimise plant performance, reduce repair times and costs, and avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

ICON Technologies can help you monitor a broad range of parameters over any time scale, from dynamic vibrations over seconds, to static stress and strain over years. Here are just a few things we can measure:

  • Vibration or acoustics
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Stress and strain
  • Physical Wear
  • Oil/lubricant composition
  • Power quality


Everything You Need

Our bespoke solutions cover diverse requirements for structural health and condition monitoring. Mix and match options to meet your specific needs:

  • Sensors and systems to acquire many channels of signals, of diverse types. Static and dynamic signals can all be acquired simultaneously.
  • Rugged hardware options for permanent deployment and 24/7 operation in harsh environments.
  • Portable hardware options for rapid deployment to the field.
  • Wireless communications options to extend monitoring to remote regions.
  • Powerful software for real-time data analysis and data reduction.
  • Flexible data management options, from simple local files to enterprise databases.


We back our systems with professional 24/7 installation, support, and maintenance delivered in partnership with our core service supplier, Boltstress Ultrasonics.


Special Partnership: Monitoring Bolted Structures

Boltstress Ultrasonics is a long-time provider of precision ultrasonic bolting services to the mining, oil & gas, and process industries. Now, they have teamed up with ICON Technologies to expand their suite of customer services: Together, we provide online monitoring of bolt tension and the health of bolted structures.

These solutions typically combine conventional electrical strain measurement with a mix of specialised sensors including fibre-optic (FBG) strain sensors, through-hole load cells and ultrasonic transducers to provide a real-time view of the dynamic response of bolted systems to changes in load.

For more details, see our Partners for Industry brochure. To discuss a specific bolting application, contact