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The Technobis Group provides consulting and product development services and OEM products to a range of aerospace, automotive, medical, and advanced manufacturing markets. ICON Technologies is an authorised integrator for Technobis, and provides local sales and support services for their optical fibre measurement products in Australia and New Zealand.

Technobis’ Gator next generation FBG interrogator takes advantage of integrated photonics technology to set new benchmarks for reduced footprint, robustness, and low power consumption. It is particularly well suited for applications in harsh and remote environments.



The SwitchedGator is an 8-channel multiplexed interrogator for distributed FBG sensing with a small footprint (110 × 130 × 47 mm), 12 VDC/5W power rating, and an IP67 mounting option.



The AeroGator is a 6-channel multiplexed interrogator for distributed FBG sensing with an even smaller footprint (99 × 70 × 38 mm), that was originally developed to address demanding aerospace applications. We think it is equally well suited to addressing demanding applications in mining, materials handling, transport infrastructure, and advanced manufacturing.

FBG Sensors

Technobis works in close collaboration with some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of FBG sensors to ensure that their Gator Interrogator products are optimised for different combinations of sensors and applications:

  • Somni Solutions: Accelerometers, tilt and chemical sensors
  • FBG Korea: Accelerometers, extensometers, strain, tilt, water pressure, displacement, temperature and inclination sensors
  • Technica: Accelerometers, temperature (up to 1000C), strain, displacement, angle and pressure sensors.

Multiple sensors of different types can be deployed in the same optical measurement fibre, so multi-parameter measurement can often be simpler and more cost-effective than is the case for an equivalent electro-mechanical system.