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Somni Solutions supplies specialist sensors for fibre optic measurements: FBG accelerometers, tilt sensors, and more. They can also custom tailor FBG sensing solutions for specialist applications. ICON Technologies is an authorised integrator for Somni Solutions, and provides local sales and support services for Somni products in Australia and New Zealand.



Somni Solutions’ acceleration sensors address a wide spectrum of applications. They are available in 1, 2, and 3 axis combinations:

  • AC 1-ax 8 NT: Strong vibration environments, ±150g range; 5-1500 Hz bandwidth
  • AC 1-ax 80 NT: Medium-level vibration environments, ±20g range; 5-700 Hz bandwidth
  • AC 1-ax 800 NT: Weak vibration environments, ±2g range; 1-150 Hz bandwidth


Tilt Sensor

The TI 1-ax 500 T sensor of Somni Solutions is used for monitoring small changes in deflection angles (tilt) with high accuracy and unprecedented stability. This sensor is particularly suitable for monitoring of large structures and objects such as bridges. The TI 1-ax 500 T tilt sensor is unique in its kind with a high sensitivity per unit angle deflection and a total measuring range of 10 degrees. The intrinsic temperature compensation mechanism allows to resolve very small angle changes of 0.002 degrees. All sensors are packaged in a rugged stainless steel housing offering maximum protection against harsh environments.

  • >500pm/deg sensitivity
  • +/-5 deg range
  • excellent long term stability
  • temperature & drift compensated
  • 1 and 2 axis
  • including mounting brackets