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We specialise in creating multi-channel measurement and automation systems optimised for capturing high-speed, precision-timed and synchronised signals in the lab, on the plant floor, or in the field.

  • We can acquire and generate analog & digital signals at rates from 1 Sa/s or slower to 100s of MSa/s or greater, synchronised to the nanosecond level.
  • Where multiple measurement nodes are distributed over a network, we can synchronise signals from these devices and other external events to between 1 µs and 1 ms.
  • All our measurement and automation systems include powerful, fully-programmable processor units that can implement custom data reduction, in-line analysis, control algorithms, or arbitrary decision-making logic based on any input signal or data source. Convert raw data numbers into meaningful measures and practical business & process actions as fast as they are acquired.


Smart, High-Speed Data Logging

We’ve helped our clients to capture and analyse electrical transients, signal glitches and critical process perturbations for over 27 years. Our systems can acquire and log multi-channel, analog and digital data continuously from under 1 Sa/min to 10MSa/s or faster. Every data point is guaranteed to be captured; you won’t miss an event!

When combined with integrated in-line data analysis to identify events of interest as they are acquired, our systems are unbeatable for fast and reliable identification of process anomalies.

For more routine data logging applications we can supply user-configurable, “out-of-the-box” data loggers that are ready to run, with no programming required. It is quick and easy to get started — just activate the supplied software from your PC or laptop, configure your signal channels in a few simple steps, and start recording.


Raw Data to Usable Information — Fast

Data management chain

Advances in technology now let us capture complex data in greater volumes than ever before, but approaches to data management have remained largely unchanged. Many users are historically tied to capturing data as a collection of spreadsheet files that are analysed file-by-file using MS Excel, or a similar tool.

ICON Technologies can supply your data acquisition solution with a fully-integrated data management option that significantly outperforms the traditional Excel spreadsheet approach for larger files and complex datasets. Talk to us about our Integrated Data Management option.

Of course, if you still prefer to work with CSV files and Excel after you have looked at the alternative, we will be happy to oblige!