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We have extensive experience creating multi-channel measurement and automation systems optimised for high-speed, precision-timed and synchronised signals.

We can acquire and generate analog & digital signals at rates from 1 Sa/s or slower to 100s of MSa/s or greater, internally synchronised to the nanosecond level.

Where multiple measurement nodes are distributed over a network, signals from these devices and other external events can typically be synchronised to between 1 µs and 1 ms, depending upon the time source accessed.

Need more?  Here are five ways we can further customise your high-speed, precision-timed measurement and automation system…


When Just One Signal Source Isn’t Enough

We can integrate signals and data from almost any device or source into a unique custom system: Standard or non-standard analog & digital sensors or actuators; Fast or slow; Standard or non-standard communications protocols; and any documented network or file data source.

Add cameras for imaging or machine vision applications, and motor drives for multi-axis motion applications.


Capture AND Analyse – Without Limits

All our measurement and automation systems include powerful, state-of-the-art, fully-programmable processor units that can implement custom data reduction, in-line analysis, standard and non-standard control algorithms, or arbitrary decision-making logic based on any input signal or data source.  Convert raw data numbers into meaningful measures and practical business & process information as fast as they are acquired.

If you can express it in an algorithm, we can implement it as part of your measurement and automation system.