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Anyone can supply a system to monitor a handful of slowly changing voltage or current transducers, and drive a handful of voltage or current actuators based on some simple decision logic.  But not everyone can:

  • Integrate multiple cameras and sub-systems to generate the time synchronised geo-spatial data that is central to Spookfish’s world-leading aerial imaging platform.
  • Perform a triggered acquisition of 64 time-synchronised ultrasonic input channels at up to 20 MSa/s/ch to facilitate laboratory modelling of real-world rock fracturing events.
  • Measure dynamic strain on the critical structural bolts on an operating sag mill, for a 48-hr period after startup from a maintenance shutdown.

ICON Technologies can.  We have the skills, experience, and toolset to meet your most demanding measurement & automation requirements.  The more challenging, the better!

Here are six reasons why you can be confident that we can deliver on your most demanding requirements…


When Just One Signal Source Isn’t Enough

We can integrate signals and data from almost any device or source into a unique custom system: Standard or non-standard analog & digital sensors or actuators; Fast or slow; Standard or non-standard communications protocols; and any documented network or file data source.

Add cameras for imaging or machine vision applications, and motor drives for multi-axis motion applications.


Precision Timing and Synchronisation

We can acquire and generate analog & digital signals at rates from 1 Sa/s or slower to 100s of MSa/s or greater, internally synchronised to the nanosecond level.

Where multiple measurement nodes are distributed over a network, signals from these devices and other external events can typically be synchronised to between 1 µs and 1 ms, depending upon the time source accessed.


Capture AND Analyse – Without Limits

All our measurement and automation systems include powerful, state-of-the-art, fully-programmable processor units that can implement custom data reduction, in-line analysis, standard and non-standard control algorithms, or arbitrary decision-making logic based on any input signal or data source.  Convert raw data numbers into meaningful measures and practical business & process information as fast as they are acquired.

If you can express it in an algorithm, we can implement it as part of your measurement and automation system.