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We specialise in developing smart Measurement Systems for deployment in harsh environments. Solutions to challenging applications that stretch the capabilities of a PLC, in places that a PC just won’t go. Specialised systems for the Mining, Materials Processing, Transport Infrastructure, Electrical Power, and Advanced Manufacturing sectors.

Anyone can supply a system to monitor a cluster of slowly changing current transducers, and drive a handful of voltage actuators based on some simple decision logic. But not everyone can:

  • Measure dynamic strain on the critical structural bolts on an operating sag mill, for a 48-hr period following startup from a maintenance shutdown.
  • Integrate multiple cameras and sub-systems to generate the time synchronised geo-spatial data that is central to Spookfish’s world-leading aerial imaging platform.
  • Perform a triggered acquisition of 64 time-synchronised ultrasonic input channels at up to 20 MSa/s/ch to facilitate laboratory modelling of real-world rock fracturing events.

ICON Technologies can. We have the skills, experience, and toolset to meet your most demanding measurement & automation requirements. The more challenging, the better!

Here are five reasons why you can be confident that we can deliver on your most demanding requirements…


We work with industry-leading PAC Technology

Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) are rugged, real-time controllers that deliver PC levels of programmability and network comms on a device that is as robust as the toughest PLC. Put powerful data analysis and decision making into places that you may not have thought possible!


I/O for Every Signal Type and Communications Protocol

We can integrate signals and data from almost any device or source into a unique custom system: Standard or non-standard analog & digital sensors or actuators; Fast or slow; Standard or non-standard communications protocols; and any documented network or file data source.

Add cameras for imaging or machine vision applications, and motor drives for multi-axis motion applications.


Precisely Synchronise Mixed Signals and Events to Reveal Relationships in the Data

We can acquire and generate analog & digital signals at rates from 1 Sa/min or slower to 100s of MSa/s or greater, internally synchronised to the microsecond level, or better.

Where multiple measurement nodes are distributed over a network, signals from these devices and other external events can typically be synchronised to between 1 µs and 1 ms, depending upon the application.


Capture AND Analyse in Real-Time

All our measurement and automation systems include powerful, fully-programmable processor units that can implement custom data reduction, in-line analysis, standard and non-standard control algorithms, or arbitrary decision-making logic based on any input signal or data source. Convert raw data numbers into meaningful measurements and practical business & process actions as fast as they are acquired.

If you can express it in an algorithm, we can implement it as part of your measurement and automation system.


Stand-Alone or Distributed, In-Office or in the Field

Our measurement and automation systems can be stand-alone, or include multiple nodes distributed over a local or wide-area network. All nodes are fully-network aware, include support for standard web functionality such as FTP and web servers, and can be accessed remotely for data download/upload, maintenance and configuration.