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You need superior components to build superior systems. ICON Technologies works with “best-of-breed” products from a small number of industry leading suppliers, and we have in-depth knowledge of their technologies.

Our major suppliers include

The world’s leading supplier of hardware and software tools for computer-based measurement and automation, and a pioneer of the PAC concept. ICON Technologies is a Certified National Instruments Alliance Partner, your guarantee that we are expert integrators of National Instruments’ hardware and software.
ICON Technologies partners with Boltstress Ultrasonics to provide on-line monitoring systems for bolted structures, and to assist with installation, commissioning, and support of our systems throughout Australia and the world.
World-leading suppliers of components for optical sensing and measurement.
One of the world’s leading producers of industrial sensors. They are renowned for their range of laser scanning, vision, and position/proximity sensors.
The first choice for industrial communications products.
Australia’s leading manufacturer of standalone, energy-efficient data loggers. Built tough for Australian conditions!
World-leading designer and producer of infrared cameras, vision cameras, and other sensing systems.