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ICON Technologies is a Systems Integrator that works with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and technologies from third-party suppliers.

You can’t build superior systems with inferior components. We work with “best-of-breed” products from a small number of industry leading suppliers, and we have in-depth knowledge of their technologies.

This means greater certainty and security for you going forward since our systems do not rely heavily on custom built or difficult to source components to provide their critical functionality.


Some of our major partner suppliers

National Instruments (NI) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hardware and software tools for computer-based measurement and automation, and a pioneer of the PAC concept. Braemac is NI’s master distributor into Australia/NZ. ICON Technologies is a Silver-Level Certified National Instruments Alliance Partner, and a Braemac Preferred Integration Partner, your guarantee that we are expert integrators of National Instruments’ hardware and software.
www.micronoptics.comAn established leader of innovative optical components and laser-based equipment that advance the quality of optical measurements.
www.technobis.comSupplier of small footprint, rugged, low power FBG Interrogators for optical fibre measurement in harsh environments
Somni Solutions Logowww.somnisolutions.comSupplier of specialist sensors for fibre optic measurement: FBG Accelerometers, Tilt sensors and other.
www.clevelandelectriclabs.comDeveloper of specialist industrial sensors including wide range of fibre optic sensors
www.fbgs.comTailored fibre optic sensing components & solutions. in Australia and New Zealand by ECADtools, OPAL-RT are the world leaders in PC/FPGA real-time simulators and simulation software for power electronics and power systems applications.
www.prolucid.caDeveloper of II0T solutions for regulated industries including the energy sector. Australia is an experienced distributor of sensors. ICON Technologies is Bestech Australia’s preferred integration partner for their laser scanner product line.
www.datataker.comAustralia’s leading manufacturer of standalone, energy-efficient data loggers. Built tough for Australian conditions!