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June 2007
Project Description

ICON Technologies worked with RCT to further develop Teleremote Assist, a component of RCT’s Teleremote system for the remote operation of underground mining vehicles. Teleremote Assist adds front and rear laser profiling of the vehicle track to the standard Teleremote video interface for underground mining vehicles.

Teleremote Assist uses the National Instruments CVS-1456 PAC as a platform to integrate the input from two Sick LMS-291 Scanning Lasers (one front-mounted and one rear-mounted), and one steering angle encoder that is used to measure the steering angle of articulated vehicles. The laser signals are decoded to give a front and rear projection of the vehicle track up to 70m ahead/behind, and output as a VGA signal that can be readily integrated with the standard Teleremote analog video interface.

Integration Products

NI Compact Vision System, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA, Sick LMS-291 scanning lasers