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ICON Technologies offers a suite of Support & Maintenance Services for our measurement and automation systems that are tailored to meet a wide range of operational requirements and budget constraints. From on-demand hourly support for small, non-business-critical systems that are operating in a relatively static, unchanging environment.  To full maintenance contracts for business-critical and/or large-scale systems.

Download our Support and Maintenance Services brochure.


Partners for Industry Program

In our years as a supplier of custom measurement and automation solutions, we’ve had the good fortune to work with many small innovative providers of specialist engineering services.  In some cases, the synergy between our clients’ business services and our own has evolved into a working partnership that delivers a combined service offering to specialist market niches that is greater than the sum of services that we can each offer alone.

Our Partners for Industry Program provides a vehicle for ICON Technologies to come together with some of our most innovative clients and offer a complete one-stop solution to complex or critical industry problems.


Example: Maintaining the Integrity of Bolted Structures

Boltstress Ultrasonics is a long-time provider of precision ultrasonic bolting services to the mining, oil & gas, and process industries. Now, they have teamed up with ICON Technologies to enable online monitoring of bolt tension and the mechanical health of bolted structures. See our brochure for details.