Graphical Programming With LabVIEW

National Instruments invites you and your colleagues to attend a free workshop and get hands-on experience graphical programming with LabVIEW.

This free workshop discusses how to build powerful custom test, measurement, and control applications from scratch using intuitive, measurement-specific graphical programming.

Key topics include: creating a Virtual Instrument (VI) in LabVIEW, dataflow programming concepts, sub-VIs and modular code creation, data acquisition in LabVIEW, and basic programming architectures.



Exercises Featured In This Free Introductory Workshop Will Show You How To:

  • Create complete LabVIEW applications from scratch in minutes with interactive Express VIs and I/O assistants;
  • Extend graphical programming into test and control systems, from rack-and-stack test solutions to automation plant networks;
  • Control instruments with the Instrument I/O Assistant and LabVIEW instrument drivers;
  • Build on LabVIEW Express technology with new tools for simplifying control and data acquisition; and
  • Utilise the LabVIEW Project for managing large applications and team development.



Date:  Thursday 23 July 2009
Time: 09:00am – 12.30pm
Location: Perth, WA
Venue: Mercure Hotel Perth
Cost: Free


Register Directly With NI Oceania