LabVIEW, WA Style

Western Australians have always marched to their own tune. Be it daylight saving, the Queen’s birthday holiday, or the Anzac Day holiday – we revel in our right to be different!

Western Australian LabVIEW users are no different. When it comes to sharing our LabVIEW experiences with like-minded souls, we are rightly suspicious of silver-tongued snake-oil salesmen from the other side of the rabbit-proof fence.

So here is your chance to set things right. We are inviting all users of LabVIEW in Western Australia to the inaugural meeting of the new, improved, Western Australian LabVIEW User Group.

Whether you are an old hand, a newbie, or somewhere in between, come along and be a part of it. Help us to set the stage for a LabVIEW forum that will inform, entertain, and support you in getting the best out of your LabVIEW investment.

To help kick things off, everyone who attends the inaugural meeting will receive a free stylish, and not-at-all-nerdy, USB memory stick wristband generously provided by National Instruments. Nothing says sophisticated LabVIEW user better than a blue plastic memory stick wristband!



Thursday, 4 June 2009, 2.30 – 4.30 PM
Refreshments to follow



Training Room
ICON Technologies
Suite 8, CSG Building
3 Sarich Way
Technology Park
Bentley WA 6102






Part of the inaugural meeting will involve setting the timetable and agenda for future meetings. To get things underway, we have arranged two short presentations from ICON Technologies and National Instruments staff:


How Do You LabVIEW?
  • LabVIEW has come a long way from its origins as a purely Dataflow environment.
  • While Dataflow, with its inherent parallelism, remains one of LabVIEW’s greatest strengths, you can now mix and match simple Dataflow with other computational models, including event programming, OOP, asynchronous execution blocks, State Chart execution, and others.
  • We will summarize the many different computational models that can now be implemented in LabVIEW, and follow up with user feedback on which models are at present most commonly used.


NI Technology Update
  • The next version of LabVIEW is currently in late beta testing.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t give you a sneak peek just as yet.
  • However, we can preview some major new hardware releases that National Instruments has scheduled for the next few months, including some exciting developments in distributed wireless I/O.


Meet other LabVIEW enthusiasts, learn something new about LabVIEW, and have your say in what happens next.  Or enjoy the afternoon tea and pick up your free memory stick wristband!  Whatever your motivation, don’t miss the first meeting of the WA LabVIEW User Group.