ICON Technologies Services

Systems Integration

ICON Technologies is a highly-experienced measurement and automation systems integrator.  We combine commercial off-the-shelf hardware components with custom application software to:

  • Build fully custom measurement and automation systems to your requirements (Click here for more details);
  • Integrate the outputs of diverse existing stand-alone systems under a common user interface and data management strategy; or
  • Upgrade legacy systems to meet new requirements, or to incorporate new features and technologies.

Our commitment to professional software engineering practices, together with our hardware expertise, ensures that you get a solution that will meet your needs, is delivered on-time and on-budget, and is cost-effective to maintain or extend as your requirements evolve.


Our Integration Partners

You can't build a superior system with inferior components. We work with a small number of industry-leading suppliers of commercial off-the-shelf products, and have in-depth knowledge of their technologies. This means greater certainty and security for you going forward since our systems do not rely heavily on custom built or difficult to source components to provide their critical functionality. Our major integration partners include:

  • National Instruments - Provides our core hardware and software integration platform
  • Micron Optics & FBGS - Optical measurement sensors and components.
  • Sick - Position/proximity sensors, scanning lasers, vision sensors, and remote ID.
  • Moxa - Robust industrial communications products.
  • FLIR - Infrared cameras and related products.
  • DataTaker - Dataloggers built tough for Australian conditions.


Project Examples

Projects referenced in this category include those where we provided no system hardware (ie., the project involved integrating existing client hardware through software only), or where we provided some hardware but the contribution to the total system from our core hardware supplier was minor (ie., the emphasis was on integrating hardware from many different suppliers). Examples of Systems Integration projects include:

For other examples of Systems Integration projects go to our Projects Page and select "Systems Integration" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.