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The NI System Diagnostics course is for technical and engineering staff that operate and maintain measurement systems based on the National Instruments (NI) hardware and software, but are not required to create or maintain LabVIEW application source code.

This is a relatively common situation.  Organisations with demanding measurement and automation needs will often acquire one or more business-critical NI-based systems. They will usually be managed by an internal staff member with responsibility for their day-to-day operation. Even if a formal maintenance agreement is in place with the original supplier or developer of the system, these operators are often responsible for the first line diagnosis and support of day-to-day issues.

Most day-to-day operational and maintenance issues will be related to the measurement system hardware, the sensors and sensor cabling, network configuration, and driver and operating system software. If the system was well-designed and properly commissioned, the day-to-day issues will rarely relate to the LabVIEW or Measurement Studio source code, so these operators do not need formal LabVIEW/Measurement Studio training.

This course is uniquely designed to equip operators of NI-based systems with the knowledge and skills to correctly diagnose day-to-day issues and maintain the system in optimum condition, without requiring knowledge of, or competency with, the LabVIEW or Measurement Studion programming languages.


After attending this unit, you will be able to:

  • Recognise all the major National Instruments hardware product families
  • Associate each product family with its correct software driver
  • Use NI MAX and other utilities to configure & test devices that use the NI-DAQmx driver
  • Use NI DSM and other utilities to configure & test devices that use the NI-RIO driver
  • Understand common application architectures for stand-alone systems
  • Understand common application architectures for distributed systems
  • Implement a systematic approach to diagnosing overall system issues


When, Where and How Much?

NI System Diagnostics is a two-day course that is available on-demand, and scheduled to suit your timetable.  There is no minimum enrolment – we will run the unit for a single user.

It can be delivered at your premises, or in our office Training Room at:

22 Thorogood St
Burswood WA 6100

The cost is $2,960 ex-GST for the first attendee, and $1,480 ex-GST (50% discount) for each subsequent attendee from the same organisation.  The price includes a comprehensive course manual.  Lunch is not included.  Attendees are required to supply their own laptop or desktop PC with the NI-DAQmx and NI-RIO drivers installed – installing the LabVIEW trial version with driver support, downloadable from National Instruments’ website, will meet this requirement.



  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Windows networks
  • No prior knowledge of, or experience with, National Instruments hardware required