Real-time 24/7 monitoring of critical equipment to detect signs of impending failure can reduce the likelihood of unscheduled shutdowns, extend equipment lifespan, and add days of valuable production to your facilities. On-going monitoring of the integrity of major buildings and structures can assist with scheduling maintenance and provide warning of the potential for catastrophic failure.

However, installing traditional off-the-shelf centralised monitoring systems for large-scale distributed measurements can be expensive, with significant associated financial risk.  The new MonoDAQ Platform offers a cost-effective approach to building Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM), and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems on any scale.  It utilises single-channel EtherCAT acquisition & signal conditioning modules, and powerful configurable application software, to make deployment of a low noise acquisition system across an entire manufacturing plant or major structure a simple and cost-effective process.

This two hour seminar event will provide a detailed introduction to the MonoDAQ Platform, including a live demonstration showing configuration of a distributed strain measurement system, and opportunities to discuss your potential monitoring requirements.