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March 2009
Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)
Project Description

ICON Technologies worked with FMG to upgrade the control system of a pilot scale research plant to suit a 24/7 production facility.

The original control system for the pilot scale research plant was developed in-house by FMG’s industrial R&D group. The LabVIEW HMI application software was hosted on a Windows PC, and interfaced to the pilot plant I/O via two National Instruments’ Compact FieldPoint cFP-1808 network interfaces. It was designed to suit short process cycles, with maximum flexibility to implement and test different process strategies.

The updated control system runs from an embedded CompactRIO PAC Controller. The LabVIEW RT application software maintains the flexibility of the original LabVIEW HMI to vary the process strategy, while adding the interlocks, alarms, error management and other functions required for 24/7 operation in an industrial environment.

Integration Products

NI CompactRIO Chassis, Controller and I/O Modules, LabVIEW Touch Screen, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW DSC