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January 2009 - March 2009
Marine Inspection Services
Project Description

ICON Technologies supplied Marine Inspection Services with a custom Data Logger to augment the in-built data acquisition systems on a number of their commercial stress/strain test machines. The Logger combines a laptop PC with a 4-Channel USB data acquisition unit, and is moved between test machines as required. It is typically used to acquire stress/strain curves from materials samples undergoing tension or compression testing.

The Data Logger can connect to a range of different linear transducers, load cells, temperature sensors, and other transducers, depending on the test machine and test environment. It can acquire up to four channels of mixed signal data at rates from 1 Sa/min to 100 Sa/sec.

The Data Logger includes the ability to save and recall any number of custom test configuration files, each one comprising a different set of test parameters, sensors, and calibrations files, for instant configuration of specific tests. All test data is stored to a local data archive on the laptop PC, and standard reports can be automatically generated from any current or archived data file.

Integration Products

NI USB-9219 DAQ Device, LabVIEW