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We think fibre optic measurement is positioned to significantly impact Australia’s mining, materials handling, transport, and advanced manufacturing industries.  The technology has matured, with a new generation of rugged, low-power instruments able to deliver the undisputed benefits of optical measurement to a new cohort of customers and applications.

ICON Technologies is excited to have been appointed a sales and integration partner in Australia for Technobis and our feature product this month is the Technobis SwitchedGator Optical Interrogator.


The Technobis SwitchedGator Interrogator

The SwitchedGator is an FBG Interrogator based on Technobis’ world-first Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC) technology.  The application of integrated photonics means the SwitchedGator is more rugged, lower cost, and has a smaller footprint and power consumption than conventional interrogators.

icon technologies
  • 8 optical measurement channels
  • Wavelength range 1515-1585 nm: 70nm span
  • 8 sensors per optical channel
  • 19.2 kSa/s sampling rate: Multiplexed
  • 110mm x 130mm x 47mm
  • -20C to +55C operating temperature
  • 8-40 V DC input
  • 5W power consumption
  • IP67 option

The footprint, environmental specifications and power rating of this unit put it very comfortably into the industrial measurement space. We see it as a natural complement to the smart PAC-based electro-mechanical measurement networks that we currently deploy.  These networks can now access data streams from domains that are not suited to conventional electro-mechanical measurement.

For a detailed summary of the benefits of fibre optic vs electro-mechanical measurement see our Fibre Optic Measurement page.