ICON Technologies Services

Machine Automation and Specialised Measurements

We have extensive experience in the area of Complex Mixed Signal I/O Systems, but we also design and supply Machine Automation and Single-Tasked Measurement systems that implement smaller, more specialised mixes of I/O.

Machine Automation

We are not machine builders, but we can:

  • Work with your new machine design team to provide the automation interface;
  • Upgrade legacy automation interfaces; and
  • Retro-fit an automation interface to existing plant.

Want to automate a new or existing machine? Talk to ICON Technologies.

Single-Tasked Measurement Systems

We define a Single-Tasked Measurement system as one that implements a small but specialised set of I/O to perform a challenging measurement. The "challenge" may be in the use of new or unfamiliar sensor technologies, in the nature of the measurement itself, or in restricted access to the point of measurement.

Some of the less common sensor technologies that we have included in Single-Tasked Measurement systems include:

  • Optical fibre (FBG) sensors;
  • Laser scanners for rangefinding and 2D/3D profiling; and
  • Infrared and visible cameras for visual inspection and measurement.

Have a challenging measurement problem? Talk to ICON Technologies.

Project Examples

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