Our Client Projects

TVA Calibration Machine Controller

Date:  November 2013 - January 2014

Client: Australian Valve Group (AVG)

Status: System development complete.  Two units deployed, two deployments pending.

Project Description: AVG designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of heating and control valves for the world and for the Australian domestic, industrial and commercial plumbing industry.

AVG have built a number of automated test and calibration systems to support the manufacture of their valves.  ICON Technologies developed the controller for the latest test system to be deployed by AVG, the TVA Calibration Machine, working in collaboration with AWN Electronics as the machine electrical and mechanical designer.

The TVA Calibration Machine is used to calibrate the "out-of-box" valve position that delivers a mixed water stream at a rated temperature from separate hot and cold water flows, and to test the safety cut-off response to a loss of cold water flow, as per industry standards AS4032.1 and AS4032.2 for thermostatic mixing and tempering valves.

The system included a mix of analog voltage inputs, 24V digital I/O and relay outputs, to perform closed loop control on the valve position, to monitor and control water flows, pressures and temperatures as required, and to drive the hardware-based user interface.

Client's Comments (Peter Morris, Technical Director): "AVG and myself personally have had a great working relationship with Mark (Trotman) and the staff of ICON Technologies over the years...

Our latest project has been to develop an operational programme to dynamically test, calibrate, and confirm the safe operation of Tempering Valves and Thermostatic Mixing Valves during the manufacturing process...This has been a very successful collaboration and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the professional services of Mark and the staff of ICON Technologies."

Integration Products: NI CompactRIO.