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December 2008
Complete, commercially released
Project Description

DWC Foodtech commissioned ICON Technologies to create the DWC Thermal Logger, a specialist data logger targeted at the food industry. The DWC Thermal Logger integrates a dataTaker DT85 data logger from dataTaker Australia, with a robust, user-friendly LabVIEW software interface. It is used to monitor and record temperature throughout commercial food processing cycles.

The logger provides up to 32 user configurable temperature channels, with real-time calculation of associated F0 values. It offers a simple, robust operator-interface that is accessible to a wide variety of users in the food industry.

The DWC Thermal Logger is a good example of ICON Technologies’ capacity to create robust, user-friendly interfaces to your I/O hardware of choice. The DWC Thermal Logger interface could be tweaked to suit the needs of other industries, and applied to other dataTaker models, or to any other third-party logging device.

Integration Products

dataTaker DT-85, LabVIEW