ICON Technologies Services

Custom Measurement and Automation Systems

ICON Technologies has over 23 years experience designing and building custom measurement and automation systems either for one-off deployment or for small production runs of around 1 - 10 units per year.

 ICON Technologies can:

  • Supply a complete "ready-to-run" Turnkey system; or
  • Work with your staff to develop a system framework that can be modified and extended in-house as required.


We Can Solve Your Most Challenging Measurement and Automation Problems

We have particular expertise in solving challenging measurement and automation problems that may involve complex mixes of I/O, smart data logging, traceable measurement, demanding data analyses, custom control strategies, or real-time distribution of data over networks or the Internet.


We Will Minimize the Lifetime Cost of Implementing a Measurement and Automation System

The upfront cost of hardware components and application software is rarely the most significant cost of implementing a new measurement and automation system that may have a commercial life of 5 - 10 years or more.  Over the operational life of the system, the service, maintenance, and support costs are typically much more significant than the upfront design and build cost.

ICON Technologies will reduce the overall lifetime cost of your measurement and automation system by building it right the first time:

  • We use quality COTS hardware components from industry-leading suppliers who offer products with reliable and predictable upgrade pathways;
  • We use industry-standard software tools that support open communications and interface standards;
  • We follow professional software engineering best practice, which ensures that the application software is scalable and maintainable over the operational lifetime of the system, and flexible enough to accomodate unforseen changes to requirements as they arise;
  • We provide full system/programmmer/user documentation as required; and
  • We supply all system software on a standard "one-click" installation CD or DVD.


Project Examples

Most of ICON Technologies' projects would be considered custom measurement and automation systems, although they may range in scale from a complete pilot-plant control system, to a small single-function measurement system. Examples of recent custom measurement and automation system projects include:

For other examples of custom measurement and automation system projects go to our Projects Page and select "Custom Measurement and Automation Systems" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.