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Complex Mixed Signal I/O Systems

ICON Technologies has particular expertise and over 23 years experience developing complex mixed signal I/O systems for application in industry, in the laboratory, and in the field.  The more challenging the system, the better we like it!  We back our systems with professional 24/7 installation, support, and maintenance delivered in partnership with our core services suplier, Cardno.

A mixed signal I/O system may contain any simultaneous combination of the following input or output data streams:

  • Static analog and digital voltage I/O at rates from a few samples/day to a few 10s of samples/s;
  • Dynamic analog voltage I/O at rates from 100 samples/s to 100s of Msamples/s;
  • Optical sensing measurements;
  • High-speed digital I/O and digital handshaking;
  • Multi-protocol device communications;
  • Multi-axis motion control using servo and stepper motors; and
  • The acquisition and analysis of static images and video from analog, digital and infrared cameras.

There may be requirements to synchronise events and data across multiple different data streams, or to trigger one or more data streams based on events in another.

Challenging mixed signal I/O systems may also include one or more requirements for:

  • Measurements that are traceable to independent third-party standards;
  • Extensive data logging that can be enabled or disabled depending upon specific conditions;
  • Custom control logic;
  • Real-time processing and analysis of incoming data; and
  • Network awareness, including intelligent interaction with other networks and network devices, data distribution over the network, or remote access and control over the network.

No matter how demanding your measurement and automation requirement ICON Technologies can help turn it into reality.  If you can think it, ICON Technologies can implement it!


Project Examples

Examples of Mixed Signal I/O System projects include:

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