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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring helps optimise machine or plant performance, reduce repair times and costs, and prevent unscheduled shutdowns. ICON Technologies can supply custom Condition Monitoring systems that incorporate any mix of I/O types that suit your needs, including:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Physical Wear
  • IR Imaging
  • Optical Inspection
  • Current/voltage (for power quality applications)
  • Oil/lubricant composition

and many others.


PAC-Based Condition Monitoring Systems For Any Environment

Because Condition Monitoring typically combines mixed high- and low-speed I/O, data analysis, control logic, network communications and reporting in a single application, systems are often PC-based. As a consequence, significant effort may be required to integrate them with other plant systems, and they may even have limited use in some harsh industrial environments. ICON Technologies uses the National Instruments' PAC platform as the basis for our Condition Monitoring systems, so they can be readily integrated with the widest range of industrial environments.


Your Choice Of Fixed Installation Or Portable Systems

In addition to PAC-based fixed installation Condition Monitoring systems, ICON Technologies can also supply portable systems for spot monitoring and diagnostics as required.


Real-World Applications

To see details of relevant projects go to the Projects Page, and select "Condition Monitoring" from the "Project Type" popup menu.