ICON Technologies Services

Consulting, R&D, and Related Services

Successful implementation of a measurement and automation project usually requires a skillset drawn from many disciplines. Choosing appropriate hardware and software is only part of the process. If you have a difficult measurement and automation problem to solve, we can help!

ICON Technologies has over 18 years experience applying National Instruments' hardware and software to diverse problems across a wide range of industries. In addition, our application development staff have qualifications that span a broad range of engineering and scientific disciplines. This means that we are not just expert users of National Instruments' tools. We also have in-depth knowledge and experience of the many issues that can influence the outcome of a measurement and automation project.

We can:

  • Provide advice on potential options and approaches to solving your problem;
  • Evaluate competing technologies;
  • Perform R & D to resolve uncertain or unique aspects of your project;
  • Trouble-shoot problems in existing measurement and automation systems;
  • Advise on options for integrating new systems with your existing infrastructure;
  • Assist with the transfer of National Instruments' technologies into your organisation.

If what you want isn't in this list, just ask. If it is to do with National Instruments hardware, National Instruments software, or measurement and automation in general, ICON Technologies can help.