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Mechanical Health of Bolted Structures

We offer a one-stop solution to the problem of maintaining the integrity of bolted structures, through our Partners for Industry Programme.


Boltstress Ultrasonics is a long-time provider of precision ultrasonic bolting services to the mining, oil & gas, and process industries.  Now they have teamed up with ICON Technologies to add on-line monitoring of bolt tension and the mechanical health of bolted structures to their suite of customer services.


These systems typically combine conventional electrical strain measurement with a mix of specialised sensors including fibre-optic (FBG) strain sensors, through-hole load cells and ultrasonic transducers to provide a real-time view of the dynamic response of bolted systems to changes in load.


Click here to view a PDF document that describes services that are offered under the partnership, and the benefits they can bring to your business.

To discuss a specific bolting requirement contact: trevor@boltstress.com.au