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Structural Health Monitoring

ICON Technologies offers a broad range of custom products and services in Structural Health Monitoring.  We back our systems with professional 24/7 installation, support, and maintenance delivered in partnership with our core services suplier, Cardno.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) refers to a wide variety of techniques to measure and detect changes to the material and/or geometric properties of medium to large scale structures ranging from roads, dams, and bridges, to buildings and building sub-systems, and plant, machinery, and equipment.

The term SHM broadly includes all forms of structural monitoring, from the dynamic measurement of vibration over timescales of seconds, to long-term measurement of static stress and strain over many years or decades. Condition Monitoring is a term that is often used to refer specifically to the measurement of short term dynamic vibration conditions. ICON Technologies can provide measurement systems that cover both the dynamic and static requirements of SHM.


Everything You Need for SHM

Our custom systems cover all the requirements of SHM:

  • The acquisition of multi-channel mixed signal dynamic and static data;
  • Rugged embedded hardware options for long-term permanent deployment and 24/7 operation;
  • Portable hardware options for short-term field test and assessment;
  • Sensors that cover the full spectrum of signal types typical of SHM, including the newest optical fibre sensors;
  • Wireless options for extending distributed I/O networks to places the wired network cannot reach;
  • Powerful application software for real-time data analysis and data reduction; and
  • Software interfaces to Enterprise level databases for long-term management of data.


ICON Technologies Delivers Optical Sensing and Measurement Solutions for SHM

The field of Structural Health Monitoring is being impacted significantly by the emergence of new optical sensing and measurement technologies. Because optical sensors have no electro-mechanical parts to degrade, and do not suffer signal degradation over distance or as a result of electrical interference in the environment, they are ideal for long-term Structural Health Monitoring.

ICON Technologies has partnered with National Instruments, Micron Optics, and FBGS to deliver fully integrated optical sensing and measurement solutions to the Australian SHM market.


Project Examples

The Real-Time Wear Monitor is an example of an SHM product developed by ICON Technolgies in partnership with Davies Wear Systems Australia.