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Industrial Control and Automation Systems

ICON Technologies is Australia's leading developer of Industrial Control and Automation Systems based on the National Instruments LabVIEW Platform.  With over 23 years experience working with the LabVIEW Platform in industrial environments, we have an unmatched understanding of how to deliver solutions that meet industry needs.  We back our systems with professional 24/7 installation, support, and maintenance delivered in partnership with our core services suplier, Cardno.

We specialise in systems that push or exceed the boundaries that can be achieved using traditional PLC based systems and SCADA networks.  We can provide robust, 24/7 systems that combine any or all of the following requirements that are not well handled by traditional PLC-based systems:

  • High-speed, mixed signal I/O;
  • Integrated machine vision and/or multi-axis motion control;
  • Deep memory for data logging;
  • Calibrated measurement traceable to third-party standards;
  • Custom real-time data analysis;
  • Custom control logic;
  • Full network awareness, including the ability to manage mutiple simultaneous network communications protocols, the ability to distribute data over networks, and the capacity for remote monitoring and control over wired and wireless networks; and
  • The flexibility to quickly adapt the system to suit changing needs and new technologies as they arise.

These characteristics are typically found in, but are not limited to:

  • Pilot plants or pilot scale facilities;
  • Control systems for small-to-medium scale plants that produce boutique or specialised products; and
  • Specialised control and automation sub-systems that exist within larger, more traditional DCS environments.


Selecting the Right Tool for Challenging Industrial Control and Automation Tasks

The characteristics identified above are increasingly part of the requirements of modern industrial control and automation systems. Traditional PLCs and SCADA networks are struggling to keep pace. The National Instruments LabVIEW Platform adds a new dimension to the industrial control and automation environment that complements the role of these traditional tools and extends the capabilities of the overall system.

To understand how the tools in the LabVIEW platform compare with the traditional tools, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the LabVIEW Platform in industrial environments. The core hardware component of the LabVIEW Platform for Industrial Control and Automation systems is the CompactRIO Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). You can think of the CompactRIO PAC as a very, very smart PLC - it combines the robustness and reliability of a PLC, with the programming flexibility and smarts of a PC.

It is the programming power of the CompactRIO PAC that enables it to deliver functions that are beyond the capability of a traditional PLC.  And it delivers them in industrial environments that would be too harsh for an industrial PC.


ICON Technologies is the Right Integrator for the LabVIEW Platform

The LabVIEW Platform toolset is only part of the equation. Choosing an integrator that understands how to integrate this toolset into a traditional Industrial Control and Automation environment is equally important.

ICON Technologies is Australia's most experienced integrator of the LabVIEW Platform into industrial environments. We understand that delivering a solution that meets the technical requirements of the job is not enough. It must also meet industry standards for reliability, safety, and maintainability.  It may need to act as Master or Slave to an existing SCADA or DCS system. And it must be supported on your timetable, not ours.

Start with a great toolset, add the right integrator, and beat your most challenging industrial control and automation problems!


Project Examples

Examples of Industrial Control and Automation Systems projects include:

For other examples of Application Software Development projects go to our Projects Page and select "Industrial Control and Automation Systems" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.