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Integrated Data Management

Data acquisition is only the first part of an integrated measurement system. It is important to also consider the requirements for data analysis, data management, and data distribution.

Many measurement systems focus only on the data acquisition component. The acquired raw data are typically saved to individual flat files in binary or text format. On-going data analysis, management, and distribution is then dependent upon an ad-hoc collection of procedures, Windows file management functions, and marginally adequate software applications.

ICON Technologies can add fully-integrated data analysis, data management, and data distribution to any data acquisition system:

  • Why wait for the answer? Analyse your data in real-time as it is being acquired, and generate printed reports at the touch of a button.
  • Store data in National Instruments' TDMS file format with a searchable XML header, so that you can search for common data characteristics across multiple independent TDMS files.
  • Directly load data from your data acquisition application to any ODBC compliant database, such as MS Access, Filemaker, or SQL Server.
  • Don't need a full-on database solution? National Instruments' DataFinder Server Edition can give network users access to a common data store, containing multiple data files, in multiple formats.
  • Distribute data instantaneously across networks or the Internet via direct TCP/IP client-server connections, or via standard web or ftp servers.
  • Data files too big for Excel? National Instruments' Diadem data analysis and reporting tool handles files containing billions of data points.

For more details about our provision of integrated data management services to clients see our Projects Page.