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LabVIEW Application Software Development

ICON Technologies has over 50 man-years experience developing custom software applications for industrial, engineering, and technical users. Our software applications can be an integral part of a measurement and automation system, or stand-alone applications for the management and analysis of engineering data.

Our primary software development tool is LabVIEW, a graphical development environment optimised for creating measurement and automation applications. Our application development staff also have experience with C, C++ and C#. If you would like to understand more about the strengths of LabVIEW, and how it compares to other programming languages, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for LabVIEW.


In practice, any serious software development tool is only as good as the developers who are using it. ICON Technologies is recognised as one of the leading LabVIEW development houses in Australia.  We work with LabVIEW all day, every day. And we continually strive to keep ourselves at the forefront of LabVIEW software engineering best practice!


Don't Compromise Your Engineering Application Development

Developing engineering software applications using in-house staff can often be a compromise. Technical staff who understand the scientific and engineering issues often have no experience with robust software development practices. On the other hand, IT experts often lack an understanding of engineering processes, and the conditions in which the software will be used. Either way it's a compromise, and you can end up with software that is unreliable, difficult to maintain, or plain just doesn't work!


Our software application development staff have qualifications in both a scientific or engineering discipline, and in computer/software engineering, so you don't have to compromise:

  • We understand measurement, and the processes you are trying to measure;
  • We practise professional software design, so our code meets your requirements, is scalable, and can be upgraded as technology and your business environment changes;
  • We use structured programming techniques to create modular code that is consistent, and cost-effective to de-bug and maintain;
  • We have established procedures for revision management, backup and archiving, and documentation;
  • We can provide full local support, including training, for our custom applications and for National Instruments' software development tools; and
  • We actively pursue our company policy to certify all our developers to relevant standards with all the tools they use. We currently have one NI Certified LabVIEW Architect, one NI Certfied LabVIEW Embedded Developer,  three NI Certified LabVIEW Developers, and one NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developers on staff.


What About the Cost?

For most commercial custom software applications the cost of lifetime maintenance and support substantially outweighs the initial development cost. Getting it right the first time pays off many times over.

If your scientific or engineering business needs a custom software application, ask yourself "What is the cost of not having it professionally designed and coded?".


Project Examples

Projects referenced in this category involve application software development only, or projects for small hardware/software systems where the application software was very much the dominant component of the system. Examples of Application Software Development projects include:

For other examples of Application Software Development projects go to our Projects Page and select "LabVIEW Application Development" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.