ICON Technologies Services

Product Development and Prototyping

ICON Technologies has considerable experience working with engineering companies to prototype and develop branded measurement and automation products for commercial sale.

Examples of new measurement and automation products that ICON Technologies has developed for clients include the Real-Time Wear Monitor developed in partnership with Davies Wear Plate Systems Australia, the Teleremote Assist system developed for Remote Control Technologies, and the ODIN Phase Noise Analyser developed for Poseidon Scientific Instruments.

Meeting the Challenges of Product Development in Fast-Moving Global Markets

In today's global economy there are more opportunities to bring new measurement and automation products to market than ever before. But there are also greater challenges than ever before including:

  • More competition;
  • Shorter time-to-market;
  • The need to offer global sales and support services; and
  • The rapid evolution of new technologies that may compete with, or complement, your product.

Our core technology platform is well suited to implementing OEM measurement and automation products with projected sales in the order of tens, to hundreds or low thousands of units. The platform offers a tightly integrated and consistent set of hardware and software tools, with scalable deployment options and world-wide single-vendor support. The LabVIEW software development environment is well suited to meeting tight development timelines, and integrates well with other complementary technologies.


Prototyping Products for Mass Production

Our core technology platform is also well suited to prototyping measurement and automation products that may ultimately be custom designed and manufactured in quantities of thousands or more. Its capacity to manage any number of mixed I/O types at speeds from samples/sec to Msamples/sec, combined with the flexibility to implement almost any advanced algorithms in software, makes it ideal to simulate a wide range of prototype products. Test, debug, and verify the operation of your product before you commit a single $ to custom design and manufacture.

If you are considering developing or prototyping a new measurement and automation product, ICON Technologies has the expertise and the experience to help bring your vision to market.


Other Examples of Product Development and Prototyping

Some examples of products that ICON Technologies has developed for our clients are given above. For more examples of product development or prototyping projects go to our Projects Page and select "Product Development and Prototyping" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.