ICON Technologies Services

Turnkey Systems

ICON Technologies has been providing our customers with Turnkey Measurement and Automation Systems based on industry-leading hardware and software tools from National Instruments for over 18 years. We choose National Instruments as our core technology partner because we believe that these tools make up one of the most powerful, consistent, and cost-effective environments that is available for developing I/O applications.

We are not alone in that belief. Many thousands of companies and organisations around the world have recognised the benefit of standardising on National Instruments tools as their measurement and automation platform. And if you want to build your own systems based on National Instruments tools, ICON Technologies can provide advice to help you select the right products, and training to help you get the most out of them.

But if you just want your measurement and automation problem solved, ICON Technologies can supply a fully-integrated, turnkey National Instruments system, customised to suit your requirements. You still get the benefits of standardising on National Instruments tools, including support from a world-wide network of National Instruments offices, but you don't have to build it yourself.

So if your project has a tight time-window, you have limited staff resources, or you simply don't want your existing staff distracted by non-core activities, then let ICON Technologies supply you with a ready-to-run turnkey National Instruments solution.