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LabVIEW Intermediate I Training Course Outline

2009 Schedule:

March, 23 - 25
June, 22 - 24
September, 14 - 16
December, 7 - 9


This is a three-day course aimed at experienced LabVIEW users.

Successful Development Practices

  • While the Basics courses introduce you to the LabVIEW environment and to application development, the hands-on LabVIEW Intermediate I course teaches you structured practices to design, develop, test, and deploy LabVIEW applications.
  • You learn recommended application development techniques such as hierarchical VI development, event-based architectures, appropriate user interface design, error handling strategies, and effective documentation.
  • After attending the course, you can analyze your application requirements, choose the correct design pattern and data structures for your application, and quickly test and deploy your design – reducing development time and improving application performance and scalability.
  • By incorporating these design practices early in your development, you avoid unnecessary application re-design, increase VI re-use, and minimise maintenance costs.

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse your application requirements and choose the correct design patterns and data structures.
  • Implement good programming style to create efficient VIs.
  • Develop techniques to test and validate VIs.
  • Develop modular applications that are scalable, readable, and maintainable.
  • Use LabVIEW tools to evaluate VI performance.
  • Effectively document your VIs.
  • Use advanced features of the LabVIEW Application Builder to create a stand-alone application.
  • Use the LabVIEW Application Builder to create a professional installer to use on other platforms.


Training Room
ICON Technologies
Suite 8, CSG Building
3 Sarich Way
Technology Park
Bentley WA 6102


LabVIEW Basics I and II, or equivalent experience.


Because LabVIEW is functionally similar on all platforms, the training provided on Windows XP is relevant to all other LabVIEW platforms.


In accordance with National Instruments LabVIEW training fee structure.

We offer a specially priced LabVIEW Intermediate Training Bundle at $3685 (tax-ex).

  • This Bundle includes LabVIEW Intermediate I Training (3 days) and LabVIEW Intermediate II Training (2 days).
  • The Bundle also includes the examination fee for the Certified LabVIEW Developer Exam, comprehensive manuals, a certificate, and lunch and morning and afternoon tea each day.
  • This Bundle represents excellent value.
  • The scheduled course fees if you choose to do the LabVIEW Intermediate I and LabVIEW Intermediate II Training Courses separately are $2940 (tax-ex) and $1970 (tax-ex) respectively.

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