ICON Technologies Services

Visual Inspection/Machine Vision

ICON Technolgies can supply measurement and automation systems with integrated image acquisition and processing, for applications in visual inspection, machine vision, robotics, etc.

ICON Technologies vision applications can take images from almost any industry standard analog or digital camera.


High Performance Vision Systems

For applications that demand the ultimate in high performance image acquistion and processing, we use plug-in PXI or PCI based image acquisition cards from National Instruments.

There are cards for almost any industry standard camera interface:

  • Standard analog (PAL, NTSC etc);
  • Non-standard analog;
  • Paralel digital;
  • Camera Link;
  • GigE;
  • Firewire/IEEE-1349;

Ultra-Rugged Vison Systems for Industrial Applications

For vision applications in harsh industrial environments, ICON Technologies recommends the National Instruments Compact Vision System (CVS) PAC platform. The CVS is an embedded controller with inputs for up to three industrial firewire cameras.


Real-World Applications

To see details of relevant projects go to the Projects Page, and select "Visual Inspection/Machine Vision" from the "Project Type" popup menu.