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Remote Monitoring & Control

ICON Technologies can include options for Remote Monitoring and Control in any Measurement and Automation System that we develop.

Remote Monitoring and Control can mean a variety of things when applied to a Measurement and Automation System. These include:

  • Remote viewing of measurement data via a web  or network client interface;
  • Remote control of an automation system via a web or network client interface;
  • The inclusion of wireless devices in a Distributed I/O System; and
  • Interfacing to standard telephone and telecommunications systems

ICON Technologies can include any mix of these functions in your Measurement and Automation system.

Web-Based Interfaces for Remote Viewing of Data and Remote Control

If you can connect to your system over the Internet, ICON Technologies can give you viewing or control access over the Internet! If your measurement and automation application needs a deeper level of web integration than just a remote interface, we can provide applications that run as web services, publish data to standard web servers, generate html or xml reports, and include support for FTP, Telnet and many other web tools and protocols.

Wireless Data Acquisition Networks and Devices

ICON Technologies are experienced integrators of the two broad families of wireless measurement and automation devices that are part of the NI LabVIEW Platform (WSN and WLS devices). We can also integrate any third party wireless device that communicates via a standard or otherwise published protocol.

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Devices

WSN is an integrated family of Controllers, Gateways and I/O Modules for building mesh networks that can contain 10s to 100s of low-power battery operated nodes for monitoring and control. WSN can also be used to extend the reach of conventional hard-wired distributed I/O systems to include otherwise inaccessible locations. WSN is based on the industry-standard ZigBee protocol, which supports line of sight connections up to 1 km or more, and "self healing" networks that will re-route wireless data transmission to bypass a damaged node.

The I/O nodes of a WSN network can be simple interfaces with no local intelligence, or they can include embedded LabVIEW code for local decision making. In both form factor and function, WSN devices are a perfect complement to distributed I/O systems that include the CompactRIO Programmable Automation Controller (PAC).

WLS WiFi DAQ Devices

The NI LabVIEW Platform includes a wide range of WiFi based devices that can be used as stand-alone wireless data acquisition systems, or to extend traditional hardwired distributed I/O systems, where a WiFi framework is in place.

Interfacing to Telephone/Telecommunications Systems

ICON Technologies have developed a number of custom measurement and automation applications that interface to standard telecommunication systems including landline telephones, the GSM network, and satellite-based systems such as Iridium.

Project Examples

Examples of  projects that include elements of Remote Monitoring and/or Control:

For other examples of Remote Monitoring and Control projects go to our Projects Page and select "Solution Areas: Remote Monitoring and Control" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.


NOTE: Web-based interfaces and wireless networks are inherently less secure than localised interfaces and hard-wired networks. All the relevant National Instruments hardware and software tools include support for industry-standard protocols for encrypting data, and for controlling acccess to network devices. However ICON Technologies recommend that these local security measures should normally be supported by system level processes and strategies for securing network access and protecting data.