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Mixed Signal Monitoring and Control

ICON Technologies has over 27 years experience developing Monitoring & Control systems for application in industry, in the laboratory, and in the field.

We have particular expertise developing systems that combine and synchronise different signals from diverse sources:

  • Static analog and digital input/output at rates from a few samples/day to a few 10s of samples/s;
  • High-speed digital input/output and digital handshaking;
  • Dynamic analog input/output at rates from 100s of Samples/s to 100s of MSamples/s;
  • Specialist sensor types: FBG Optical Fibre, Vibrating Wire, Scanning Laser etc;
  • Multi-protocol device communications;
  • Multi-axis motion control using servo and stepper motors; and
  • The acquisition and analysis of static images and video from analog, digital and infrared cameras.

The more challenging the system, the better we like it!


A Special Note on Mixed Signal Monitoring and Control for Industry

The pressures on industry to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve quality mean that the demand for industrial monitoring and control systems to manage complex signal mixes will only increase over time. The traditional approaches to industrial monitoring and control, based around PLC/PC devices and SCADA networks, are not always well suited to handling this type of mixed signal IO.

ICON Technologies specialises in Industrial Monitoring and Control Systems that push or exceed the boundaries that can be achieved using traditional PLC/PC-based devices and SCADA networks. Click here to find out more about how we can address the changing demands on modern industrial monitoring and control systems.


Project Examples

Examples of Mixed Signal Monitoring and Control System projects include:

For other examples of Application Software Development projects go to our Projects Page and select "Mixed Signal I/O Systems" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.