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Laser Ranging/Profiling

ICON Technologies is an Integrator for Sick AG, one of the world's leading suppliers of sensors and sensor systems for industrial applications. Sick's range of sensors includes encoders, ultrasonic sensors, inductive, capacitive or magnetic proximity sensors, vision sensors, scanning lasers, and other light-based non-contact sensors. Sick sensors have broad application in process monitoring and optimization, quality control, remote position measurement, collision prevention, security, classification and sorting of products, and the measurement and verification of bulk material volumes.

Go to the Sick website for more information on the Sick product range.


Delivering Sick Sensing Solutions into Hostile Environments

Applications of this type often require a high level of local data processing, and have traditionally been implemented within a PC-based network. This can limit their applicability in harsh industrial environments. A Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) combines PC-like programmability with PLC robustness, and is therefore a natural partner for Sick sensors in harsh environments. ICON Technologies' expertise with National Instruments' PAC hardware means that we can deliver robust Sick sensing solutions into PC-hostile environments.

ICON Technologies has particular experience with the Sick LMS Series Scanning Lasers.


Real-World Applications

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