ICON Technologies Services

Embedded/Real-Time Systems

ICON Technologies can supply Real-Time and Embedded systems. We base our systems on National Instruments' LabVIEW software, and National Instruments' real-time and embedded hardware targets.


Real-Time Systems

National Instruments real-time hardware targets include all PAC platforms, and a number of plug-in co-processor boards for Windows-based PCI and PXI systems. These targets run either of two industry-standard real-time operating systems, ETS/Pharlap or VXWorks. For critical applications that need real-time reliability and/or real-time determinism, the National Instruments PAC platforms:

  • Compact FieldPoint;
  • CompactRIO;
  • Compact Vision System (CVS);
  • PXI RT.

when taken together, support almost any I/O type, at sample rates from static to better than 1 MSa/s.

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National Instruments Re-configurable I/O (RIO) targets contain embedded FPGA controllers. An FPGA, or Field Programmable Gate Array, is software programmable hardware that contains only gate array logic, and no software operating system whatsoever. RIO targets offer hardware equivalent levels of reliability and determinism, and are found in some PAC platforms, and in a number of plug-in co-processor boards for PCI and PXI systems. The PAC platforms that include RIO targets are:

  • CompactRIO;
  • Compact Vision System (CVS);
  • PXI RT (with plug-in RIO co-processor board).

A RIO-based PAC platform like CompactRIO offers the ultimate in system flexibility, since LabVIEW code can be distributed between the Real-Time operating system on the controller, the embedded FPGA target, and (if present) a network hosted PC, according to the specific requirements of the application.

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Real-World Applications

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