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Distributed I/O

ICON Technologies can supply complete Distributed I/O systems. We base our systems on National Instruments' Compact FieldPoint hardware platform. A Compact FieldPoint system can also be extended using other National Instruments PAC devices and Wireless DAQ, industry-standard PLCs, or any other third-party device that communicates over a network via a published protocol or command language.

The Distributed I/O nodes can exist anywhere on an accessible TCP/IP network. The network can be a hard-wired LAN or WAN, or accessed over the Internet or via a Wireless network link.


Compact FieldPoint

Compact FieldPoint is a modular I/O system that can be configured with any combination of:

  • Two models of Backplane (4-slot and 8-slot);
  • Simple Network Interface (requires a network hosted PC or PAC to drive the interface);
  • Three models of PAC controller (fully independent node with local I/O logic and interface as required);
  • Over 30 analog and digital I/O modules;
  • A wide range of power, connectivity, and mounting accessories.

Find out more about Compact FieldPoint.

A Distributed I/O system that consists only of simple Network Interface nodes requires a network hosted PC to drive the I/O.

If at least one of the nodes is a PAC node, a host PC is not necessary because the PAC node can act as a master controller for all the simple Network Interface nodes.

Real-World Applications

To see details of relevant projects go to the Projects Page, and select "Distributed I/O" from the "Project Type" popup menu.