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Data Logging with Smarts

Traditional data loggers are optimised for the power-efficient and space-efficient logging of multi-channel raw data. They have limited capacity to interact with other systems or data sources, limited capacity for on-board decision making, and relatively cryptic interfaces for configuration and real-time monitoring.

ICON Technologies' PAC-Based and PC-Based Smart Data Loggers

ICON Technologies' PAC-based or PC-based data loggers combine deep memory with unlimited programming flexibility, and unlimited capacity to interact with other systems and data sources. We can supply turnkey data loggers with:

  • User-friendly interfaces for configuring the logger, and monitoring the logged data in real time via local or network interfaces.
  • In-line custom data analysis to enable on-board decision making and "smart" logging. For example, under different conditions the logger could increase or reduce logging rates, log additional data channels, generate alarms, or communicate over networks with individuals or other systems.
  • In-line data reduction, to minimise communications bandwidth if data are retrieved from a remote location via a network.
  • Custom connectivity to other systems, data sources, or networks, as required.

Getting More From Your Traditional Data Loggers

If you already have an investment in traditional data logger hardware, ICON Technologies can provide custom software interfaces to add value to your investment. Talk to ICON Technologies about creating more user-friendly interfaces for configuring the logger and monitoring its function, or integrating the data logger with other systems.

ICON Technologies has particular expertise with extending the functionality of DataTaker data loggers through custom LabVIEW software interfaces.

Project Examples

Examples of Data Logging with Smarts projects include:

For other examples of Application Software Development projects go to our Projects Page and select "Data Logging with Smarts" from the drop down "Project Type" menu. Projects may be indexed under more than one category.