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ODIN Phase Noise Analyser

Date:  June 2003

Client: Poseidon Scientific Instruments (PSI)

Status: Completed, ODIN instrument in commercial production

Project Description: ICON Technologies worked with the PSI product engineering team to design and code the LabVIEW software engine behind ODIN, the world's first fully-integrated Phase-Noise Test Instrument. ODIN is a modular, PC-based instrument with the "look-and-feel" of a conventional dual-channel signal analyser. All functions of ODIN, from signal acquisition and analysis, to the user interface and screen display, are implemented via the LabVIEW software engine.

This application was a "Best Applications Paper" finalist in the Communications Category, NI Week 2003.

Integration Products: LabVIEW

Find Out More: For more information on ODIN, and PSI's other products go to the PSI website.


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