Our Client Projects

Underwater Cold Cutting

Date:  March 2002

Client: Jetcut Offshore Technology

Status: Completed, dedicated system for one-off project

Project Description: ICON Technologies provided an integrated monitoring and control system for a unique Subsea Cold Cutting System (SCC) developed by Jetcut Offshore Technology for environmentally-friendly removal of old wellheads from the sea floor.

The PC-based system acquired real-time acoustic signatures from microphones mounted near the cutting point, to provide feedback to the surface operator on the progress of the cut. The system also monitored a range of related low-speed I/O, and provided supervisory control of the PLC that managed the high pressure hydraulics for the cold cutting system.

This application was awarded "Best Applications Paper" in the Maintenance and Field Test Category, NI Week 2002. It was also highly commended in the Water and Wastewater Category of the PACE Zenith Awards, 2004.

Integration Products: NI PCI-6025E DAQ board, NI-DAQ, LabVIEW, LabVIEW DSC

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