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Underwater Acoustics Analyzer

Date:  January 2003

Client: Pacific Noise and Vibration

Status: Completed, operational

Project Description: ICON Technologies worked with Pacific Noise and Vibration to develop a multi-channel system for collecting 24-bit acoustic data from underwater hydrophones.

The data acquisition unit is a National Instruments PXI Modular Instrumentation Chassis with embedded controller running LabVIEW RT software that is contained in a moored pod on the sea floor. All data are transferred over a 2 km Ethernet cable to a surface monitoring station for archival storage.

Any one of the monitored channels can be selected for replay via DirectSound to provide real-time audio feedback to the operator at the surface monitoring station.

This application was a "Best Applications Paper" finalist in the Communications Category, NI Week 2003.

Integration Products: NI PXI-RT, LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT

Read the Detailed User Solution Paper
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