Our Client Projects

Pitcomm - Vacuum Sewerage Monitor

Date:  October 2007

Client: Fastwave Communications

Status: Commissioning

Project Description: ICON Technologies provided Fastwave Communications with the SCADA interface to their distributed wireless system for monitoring the status of vacuum sewerage installations. Vacuum sewerage is a relatively new, water-efficient sewerage technology that relies on a network of chambers (pits) maintained at a lower than atmospheric pressure to efficiently move sewage through the system.

The effectiveness of a vacuum sewerage system is critically dependent on maintaining the low pressure chambers in good working order. Traditionally this has relied on a wired network of sensors to monitor the sewage level and pressure in each chamber, and the status of the associated inlet and outlet valves. The cost of installing and maintaining the wired sensor network increases rapidly as the capacity of the sewerage system increases.

Fastwave Communications have developed a wireless monitoring network that scales very cost-effectively to larger sewerage systems. ICON Technologies provided Fastwave Communications with a PC-based SCADA system to monitor the network of RadioTech wireless sensors. An initial system installation covering a network of 130 pits, each with its own wireless controller, and 30 wireless repeaters, is currently commissioning. The system scales to networks of 1000 or more pits.

Integration Products: LabVIEW, RadioTech wireless data acquisition hardware