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ALIAN - Multi-Analysis Titration System

Date:  January 2000

Client: Alcoa World Alumina

Status: Operational in two ALCOA sites since 2000, software upgrade 2008, on-going system maintenance as required.

Project Description: ICON Technologies was asked by Alcoa to develop an new automated analyser for alumina refinery plant liquors, to replace a previous version that had been developed in-house. The aim for the new analyzer was that it run "round-the-clock", unattended, and provide 4 times the sample throughput at half the scale up cost of the previous system.

The ALIAN system uses a PC-based LabVIEW software interface to integrate the functions of industry standard laboratory equipment (Gilson Auto-Samplers, Mettler and Metrohm Titrators), with a custom-built titration vessel and pump/switch box. It performs all functions of the analysis from the receiving and scheduling of samples, parallel execution of analyses on up to four auto-titrators, auto-calculation of results, communication of results to the master LIMS system, and internal monitoring of results quality via standard SPC tools. ALIAN supports multiple calculation models, and titration methods are user-scriptable.

The new analyzer met or exceeded all targets. It exceeded its throughput targets, offered more analysis options, and took up half the bench space of the system it replaced at about half the build cost.

This application was a "Best Applications Paper" finalist in the Test and Quality Category, NI Week 2000.

PS - The original ALIAN system was commissioned in 2000. ICON Technologies completed a major functional upgrade to the system in 2008.

Integration Products: NI PC-based DAQ boards, N-DAQ, LabVIEW, Gilson Auto-Sampler, Mettler & Metrohm Titrators


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